How Website Keyword Structure Can Improve Your Search Engine Page Rank

Structure your website for your target keywords

The structure of your website has a huge effect on its ability to rank. In order to rank effectively for your target keywords, you need to structure your website so that each page targets its own set of closely related, highly relevant keywords.

For example, pretend you’re launching a website for a men’s shoe shop. You sell a variety of different men’s shoes, from leather shoes and boots to sports shoes. You’d like each category to rank for its target keywords and attract searchers looking for a specific type of shoe.

This means breaking down your website’s structure into categories, with each category aimed at a different search keyword. Below, we’ve included an example site structure, with the homepage targeting the main keyword (“Men’s shoes”) and subpages for each secondary keyword:

Structuring your website like this has several benefits. First, it creates a clear theme and target keyword for each page on the website, instead of having one page target multiple keywords. It allows you to closely target each keyword on each page for maximum relevance.

It also allows you to further break down each category into subcategories. For example, if our example website sold several different types of men’s leather shoes, we could further break it down to target additional keywords with subpages:

This structure lets each page target its own primary keyword, as well as a set of secondary keywords. A website structure like this, with each page dedicated to its own set of keywords, gives each page greater relevance and improves its potential organic search visibility.

Key Points:

  • Make sure each page of your website targets one primary search keyword and several secondary keywords.

  • Structure your website so that each page is as relevant and specific as possible using the example structure shown above.

  • Avoid optimizing one page for too many keywords. It’s better to have several pages, each extremely relevant, than one page covering multiple topics poorly.

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