How To Install A Google Analytics Tracking Code To Your Website

In order for Google Analytics to track your website date, the tracking code must be correctly installed on each page you want tracked. You can find this code anytime inside your Analytics Profile Settings page. After you install this code, you can capture a wide variety of data about your Web Site visitors. Among other statistics, Google Analytics tracks and reports the number of visitors, the average time users spend on your Web Site, the patrhs users take to navigate your content and the points at which visitor completely exits yo9ur site.

To avoid receiving inaccurate data, you should install the tracking code on every page in your web site. This ensures that your reports are not skewed by visitors navigating a page on your site that is not tracked.

The original place to insert the code is right before the </head> tag on each page. If your website is made on a website builder that uses Templates such as Wix, Squarespace or Weebly then you simply paste the code into the template files. These templates always come with instructions on how to do this. There are some cases where the webmaster may have to install the code on each and every page of the website to make sure the data is retrieved.

Be careful when installing the code, it is presented in a text box that you cut, copy and paste exactly as it is displayed in Google Analytics , otherwise there will be errors when collecting data.

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