Ways to boost your Instagram Engagement using dm groups

Instagram engagement groups are all the rage these days — the hard part is finding a good one and gaining an invite. If you want to learn what it takes to find and join the best engagement groups you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll also be going over the ins-and-outs of how an Instagram engagement group functions, and you’ll be able to take your new found understanding to create an Instagram engagement group of your own.

Engagement groups are proven ways to boost your Instagram engagement, get featured on the Instagram Explore Page, go viral, and gain hundreds to thousands of new followers as a result. But it does take time, patience, and a whole lot of dedication on order to see the best results.

The Two Main Types of Instagram Engagement Groups

1. Typical Instagram Engagement Groups or DM Groups

In a typical Instagram engagement group, each member lets the group know when they’ve published a new post to Instagram. This is usually done through a group Instagram DM. Then, each member of the group must like and/or comment on that person’s post as soon as they can.

Different engagement groups have different rules for when this has to be done by, but in general, each member must catch up on giving likes/comments before they are allowed to post their own to the group.

The likes + comments received from group members helps you boost the engagement and visibility of your post on Instagram, which in turn helps you attract new followers.

*Where to find Instagram DM Groups in your niche: Either ask around other large accounts in your niche, or try a Facebook group. You’ll need to look for Social Media or Instagram-related Facebooks groups — many of them have a weekly thread for people forming Instagram engagement groups or pods. You can find someone in your niche and ask to join theirs, or post a listing in one of these groups to find members for your own group.

2. Instagram Rounds Groups on Telegram

In a “Rounds” engagement group on Telegram, the basic idea is the same as a normal Instagram engagement group but with a few key differences. Let me explain.

The Telegram rounds groups are hosted inside groups on the Telegram chat app (it’s similar to WhatsApp and Kik if you haven’t heard of it before). Depending on the group, there may be hundreds or even thousands of members.

In a Telegram rounds group, everyone posts at specific scheduled times and not sporadically throughout the day.

For example:

If you’re in a group of 100 people with a Round scheduled at 1 PM, you’ll get 100 new likes on your most recent post on Instagram, starting at 1 PM.

You must reciprocate as well, so you must also give 100 likes back — one to each participating group member. This must all be completed (usually) within an hour so everyone gets the best results possible.

Most Telegram engagement groups host several scheduled rounds each day that occur every day. You can pick and choose which rounds you participate in, and aren’t obligated to “catch up” on rounds that you missed or did not participate in.

*Where to find Telegram Engagement Groups: Try this Telegram Engagement Groups directory — This links to a Telegram groups which means you’ll need create a Telegram username and account to view it. Inside there is an up-to-date list of current Telegram engagement groups for Instagram with instructions on requirements for each and who to contact in order to get in

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